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Entry #9

Human Centipede trailer

2009-10-03 13:30:31 by AngryKobold

I watched the trailer to the film "Human Centipede" and I felt horrofyingly ill. No horror movie has ever done this to me (let alone the trailer). I'm not sure if I culd ever work up the courage to watch this film. Not because it looks scary or crap, but because it seems to have done what no Horror movie has ever done. I think it looks phycologicaly terrorfying and very sickening. That is basically what a film of this genre is supposed to be like and no other film has been like this one. Don't get wrong the Saw films were gorey and full of suspense but it did not make me feel ill or sacred. Like I said, I probably am gonna sit this one out, so if anyone who has seen it could give me the jist of it I would be thankfull.

ps. I do not have a weak stomach, I have probably watched all the horror films that have came out for the past 10 years :P


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