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2009-09-06 15:25:35 by AngryKobold

Ok, not sure if anybody is aware of this guy but i'll still post it. This shmuck is known as Dr. Tim Langdell (PHD in child physcology which is pretty messed up. you'll know what I'm talkin about after reading this post) he started a small game company called EDGE GAMES back in 1970 or sumthin, making games for atari and other old consoles. Now since then he has made a mockery of the games industry by suing any game or gaming hardware which has EDGE in the title. this fucker has not brought out a game since the 1990's (probably realised how much he could make just by suing) and yet still is able to hold the copyright of EDGE. You's might of heard about Apple pulling the very popular game "Edge" from the apps store, that was because Tim the cock sucker said that it was a copy of one of his games (which he does not own the rights to) called Bobby Ballbearing. Now Mobigames the guys that made "Edge" had tried to settle this by saying to Tim that they would change the name to "Edgey". Pretty logical way of dealing with the problem everybody wins. Well not to Tim. as soon as he read this he went and fuckin copyrighted the name "Edgey".
The case is still on going, but Tim has a word to protect doesn't he /sarcasm :P
He recently tried to sue "Edge of Twilight" a pretty damn good looking game figure out why (psst the clue is in the name) but thankfully he either gave up or lost the case.

People of newgrounds I urge you to pray to the gods of gaming to have this man wiped from the face of the earth....sorry got a wee bit preachy there, but the message stands. he deserves a kick in the happy sack.

Anyway if you want too join the good fight please support this site: /01/hello-world/#comment-2

or if you want to read more of his hororible deeds read this awesome article:

Thanks for reading :)



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2009-09-06 15:27:51

he should be wiped away from earth

AngryKobold responds: